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Essential Oils: Why the Huge Price Differences?

Which Bottle of Rose Oil Would You Buy?

Can You Tell Which One Costs $199.95? Are You Sure?

Let's pretend that you’re looking for Rose Essential Oil. You only need a tiny vial of it for your diffuser. You decide that 5 ml will do. Would you rather pay $15 or $199?

Why Are Essential Oils So Expensive?

When you are shopping for essential oils, you might notice some oils are very expensive. Why is this? Is it costly to manufacture them? Are the companies overpricing essential oils? What is the truth?

Great Deals on Essential Oils?

Are there great deals on essential oils? Are the cheap bargains actually real essential oils? Are they really 100% Pure and Undiluted as the sellers claim?

Rose Essential Oil – an Example of Price Confusion

Let’s take a look at Rose Essential Oil. Rose oil is one of the most popular essential oils there is. People love the smell of roses.

And they should. It’s one of the best smells on this beautiful planet. So the essence of these flowers is highly desirable.

And that great demand combined with the difficulty and the cost of producing TRUE 100% Pure Rose Essential Oil gives the temptation for dishonest people to make untrue claims on their products.

It also tempts people who want to save money to buy those fake products.

Let’s look at some examples of the wildly different prices you can find for supposedly 100% Pure Rose Essential Oil.

Here are some screen captures of Rose Essential Oil prices from several different websites. First let’s look at how much it costs for 1 fluid ounce. FYI 30 ml is about the same as 1 oz.

What about a smaller quantity? Here are a few prices for 5 ml which is 0.17 ounces (not even a half and ounce!)

NOTICE the "Wholesale vs Retail" Prices

Wholesale vs Retail

Do you see the difference in the wholesale price and the retail price in the oil above? Essential oils are being marketed extensively using Multi-level Marketing or Network Marketing.

These forms of marketing add extra to the prices of the oils in order to pay commissions to the independent distributors of the products.

Rose Oil Price Reality Check

It’s time for a reality check. How is REAL Rose Essential Oil manufactured and why is it so expensive?

There is not very much rose oil in a rose petal. Even in an entire rose, there is not very much oil. Here’s a shocking fact: it takes ALL of the petals from 30 to 50 roses to produce a SINGLE DROP of “Rose Otto Essential Oil!” (source:

To make a 5 ml bottle of REAL 100% PURE ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL it takes about 10,000 roses! (source:

To make a 1 ounce bottle would take 60,000 roses! NOT rose petals – ROSES! How much do you pay for a dozen roses at the florist? How much do you think 60,000 roses would cost? That’s just the cost of the roses.

Now let’s talk about harvesting and distilling.

Harvesting of the flowers is done by hand in the morning before sunrise and material is distilled the same day. The flowers need to be distilled in a very complicated and expensive process using big machines.

I won’t get into all the excruciating details here, but you get the point. There is a lot of expense to produce just 1 ounce of real rose essential oil.

So back to the question of the price of real rose essential oil. Do you really think you can get 5 ml of 100% pure, real rose essential oil for $15? Or do you think the people selling that might be lying to you?

Let me share something with you from Wikipedia on the subject.

“Adulteration - It takes a large amount of rose petals to distill a small amount of essential oil. Depending on extraction method and plant species, the typical yield can be approximately 1:3,000.

To mitigate the cost, some dishonest dealers will dilute rose oil with geranium or palmarosa essential oils, both of which are rich in geraniol, the main constituent of rose oil.

Some of these "rose oils" are up to 90% geranium or palmarosa to 10% rose.” 


REAL, 100% Pure, Rose Essential Oil is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!

I might be wrong, but I’ll bet those bargain priced oils are not using pure oils.

And this brings up the subject of dilution of rose oil.

Pure rose oil is WAY too strong. You wouldn’t like it. It needs to be diluted. There are honest companies out there who sell diluted rose oil and let you know.

Here’s a company that is selling rose oil that is 3% rose oil mixed with carrier oils. Even though it is only 3% rose oil, it is still very expensive. And at 3% it is still able to be diluted even more.

Those extremely cheap oils probably don’t contain very much real rose oil at all. I’d wager they contain one drop, if any. 

Not Just Rose Oil Prices

This kind of thing is going on with just about all the different kinds of essential oils, not just rose oil. If you can find any kind of essential oil for $2.99 that claims to be “100% pure, unfiltered, undiluted… chances are they’re lying to you. – We’re Doing & Pricing Essential Oils Right

At, we know about blending the right way. We know how to mix essential oils with carrier oils so that you get the right smells at the right strength for the right purposes.

We use real oils from reputable suppliers. We mix them with love and skill. We sell them at fair and reasonable prices without inflating the prices for MLM or Network Marketing purposes.

We want you to trust us to be your provider of essential oils and related products. To earn your trust, we know we need to provide superior products at fair prices.

You need to be happy and we need to stay in business. We value your feedback on our products to know how we’re doing and how we can improve.

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So please, tell us when you love something. Let us know when you see something we can make better.

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Together we can make this beautiful planet an even more sweet-smelling and peaceful place!

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