What is it?

Simple. MANY products being sold as "100% Pure" are NOT 100% Pure.

Many companies are just flat-out lying to you. 

They also use a confusing phrase: "Therapeutic Grade." There is no official organization that certifies oils as "Therapeutic Grade." It's something the companies just say themselves with no oversight.

Think about Rose Oil.

To make a 1 ounce bottle would take 60,000 roses! NOT rose petals – ROSES! How much do you pay for a dozen roses at the florist? How much do you think 60,000 roses would cost? That’s just the cost of the roses.

Harvesting of the flowers is done by hand in the morning before sunrise and material is distilled the same day. The flowers need to be distilled in a very complicated and expensive process using big machines.

I won’t get into all the excruciating details here, but you get the point. There is a lot of expense to produce just 1 ounce of real rose essential oil.

That's why ACTUAL 100% PURE Rose Essential Oil costs nearly $50,000 PER GALLON!

We Tell You The Truth About Our Essential Oils

We do not lie to you. If our oils are 100% pure, we will tell you. But sometimes, oils NEED to be diluted. 100% pure would be too strong. Such is the case with Rose Oil. 

Rose Oil needs to be diluted. But not too much. And not with cheap "carrier" oils. Our Rose Oil is an Expert Dilution made specifically for aromatherapy. It's fantastic! The best quality. Amazing smell! You're going to love it!

You should order some and experience it for yourself.

In fact, you should also try out our Blends! Blending essential oils in specific formulas can give you all kinds of benefits you can't get from just one kind of oil all by itself.

Order our Blends or our individual Essential Oils right now! We're sure you'll be extremely happy with your purchase and you'll come back to order from us again and again. πŸ™‚

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Rose Expert Dilution

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