Blending Essential Oils – Why is it So Good to Do?

Why is blending essential oils a good thing to do? The answer can be summed up with one word: Synergy.

What is Synergy in Essential Oils? 

Synergy is when you combine two or more things together and get a result that is greater than if you just added them. It's like adding one plus one and getting five instead of two.

You use synergy every day when you eat anything that has been prepared using a recipe.
What is a recipe? It's a list of ingredients with instructions on how to mix them together. But it's more than that. It also tells you the quantities of the ingredients to use.

For example: a simple recipe for making bread has the ingredients water, flour, salt, and yeast. Easy! But if you have too much salt, or too much water, or not enough yeast, you won't get bread. It will be something you wouldn't want to eat at all. To get good bread, you need the right ingredients in the right amounts, mixed the right way and expertly cooked. When it's done right, yum! The smell of warm, freshly-baked bread right out of the over is wonderful!

Delicious Bread - Synergy!

And the taste is so amazing as you bite the soft buttery slice. Ahhh...synergy is delicious!

Think of all the recipes in the world! Think of all the people who have used their creativity, experimenting in their kitchens until they came up with delicious combinations of ingredients we all enjoy. It's really amazing.

Blending Essential Oils - Synergetic Effects

With essential oils we have very similar synergetic benefits. you can get wonderful essential oil synergies if you have the right ingredients in the right quantities to make an essential oil blend for a specific purpose.

And we are so lucky that so many people over hundreds and perhaps thousands of years have gone before us experimenting. They have tinkered and tried all kinds of oils in all kinds of quantities and mixtures to remedy all sorts of health problems and beauty and wellness issues.

Blending Essential Oils

When we mix two or more essential oils into a blend we create a product that is different than any of the ingredients by themselves.

And blends (done right) can increase the efficacy of the individual oils.

Chamomile Oil and Lavender Oil Synergy

One example is chamomile and lavender. Chamomile essential oil is an anti-inflammatory oil. It is wonderful by itself. But if you mix lavender essential oil with the chamomile in the correct ratio, the anti-inflammatory action of the chamomile oil is dramatically improved.

If you mix lavender essential oil with the chamomile in the correct ratio, the anti-inflammatory action of the chamomile oil is dramatically improved.

Mixing essential oils gives you blends that are powerful and supremely beneficial for your health, your attractiveness, as well as your emotional and mental wellness.

The critical thing to remember about essential oil blends is that the ratios need to be correct. Remember the bread recipe? You can't have too much or not enough of any one ingredient. Essential oil blends are like recipes. You have to prepare them the right way.

Another important thing to know is that sometimes, certain essential oils are so powerful that you only need a TINY amount in a blend. Depending on the ingredient, you might only need one drop! But that little drop could pack a powerful punch and cause a wonderful synergistic effect!

Carrier Oils

The PURE or THERAPEUTIC STRENGTH oils need to be diluted with a CARRIER OIL.

Coconut Oil is Nature's Best Carrier Oil

And when coconut oil is converted into Fractionated Coconut oil, you get an all natural, unscented oil that lasts for years and years without chemical preservatives. At, if a formula requires a Carrier Oil for proper blending, we use fractionated coconut oil as the carrier oil for all our blends. Otherwise, our blends and oils are 100% Pure.

We use the best essential oil blend recipes.

Our Expert Blends are prepared with skill and love.

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